How To Add An Official Business Page On Facebook

1. Log onto your Facebook account. (You must have an active Facebook account to create a Page of any kind – whoever creates the page is the administrator).

2. Go to ‘Account’ (top right), ‘Help Center’ (second from the bottom), ‘Facebook Applications and Features’ (second category listed), ‘Pages for Businesses’ (last item in that section).

3. A new page will pop up, search for, or choose the link to ‘How Can I Create a Page?’ Another page will come up, click the link that says ‘here’.

4. Choose the type of Page you will be creating:
• Local Business
• Brand, Product, or Organization
• Artist, Band or Public Figure

5. Once you have selected the type of Page, choose the best subcategory shown in the drop-down list, and then name your Page. For example, if you are a restaurant, you would enter the name of your restaurant as the Page name.

6. Check the box agreeing that you are an official representative of this business, and then click the box that says, ‘Create Page’. (A box will pop up, read carefully and agree before continuing).

7. Once you have created the page you may add photos, business information, post comments and links on your wall. Facebook will take you through the appropriate steps to complete your business profile.

8. Once all of your Page information is entered you must remember to publish the Page or it will be unavailable for fans to search for.

9. You now need to start a fan base: Click ‘Suggest to Friends’ to invite your personal Facebook friends, or email the Page link to your businesses client list inviting them to like your Page.

10. Make sure someone is monitoring the Page, wall and communicating with your fans on a regular basis. (Some businesses request help with these services).

Good luck with your social media endeavors!